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Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa, with the Equator running almost straight through the middle of the country. Its northern border touches 5° of latitude north and the southern border touches 4° south. The western border is marked by 34° east longitude. Kenya is a member of the Organisation of African Unity, the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations. She has an area of 582,644 sq. km of which 45,240 sq. km (7.8%) is under wildlife conservation sanctuaries (national parks and reserves). The country shares common borders with Somalia (east), Ethiopia (north), Sudan (north-west), Uganda (west) and Tanzania (south). To the south east lies the Indian Ocean, making the country a maritime gateway to East Africa. Kenya has a coast line of 536 kilometres.


The country's altitude rises from sea level to 5,199 metres, making her climate vary from high humid temperatures of the coast (83° F) to the often cold and wet regions of Aberdares, Cherangani and Mau Escarpment, Mt Elgon and the permanent snow and ice at the top of Mt Kenya. With the Equator traversing the country, there are two seasons with short rains from October through December and long rains during April to June. The rains fall in short heavy down pours or violent storms preceded by heavy black clouds as a warning. Sunshine is experienced throughout most days of the year although it becomes cooler during the months of June, July and August. Nairobi, has an average daily temp. of 21°C (70° F); Mombasa the second largest town in the country and situated at the coast has an average temp. of 26°C (80°F). There are no closed seasons for visitors though the rainy seasons are considered low tourist seasons.

How To Make A Call To Kenya

Making an International Telephone Call to Kenya

After dialling the international access code, the following steps must be followed.

  • Dial Kenya country Code which is +254.
  • Then dial area code i.e. the particular area in Kenya. For example Nairobi is 20.
  • Lastly dial the required telephone number.

Telephone numbers in Kenya vary from 4 digits to 6 digits. For example,
To call the Export Promotion Council (telephone Number 2228534) in Nairobi,
Dial your international access code; followed by 254 the Kenya country code, then 20 the Nairobi area code and finally 2228534, the EPC telephone Number.

Selected Area Codes
Nairobi 020 Malindi 042
Mombasa 041 Magadi 045
Athi River 045 Naivasha 050
Eldoret 053 Nakuru 051
Gilgil 049 Nyeri 061
Kisii 058 Thika 067
Kisumu 057 Nyahururu 065
kitale 054    

Omit the first 0 if you are making an international call


Visitors coming from the Far East, Central America, South, Central and West Africa may be required to have valid certificates of inoculation against yellow fever and cholera.


All visitors to Kenya are required to have valid passports. Visas are also required for visitors, who are not citizens of the Commonwealth. At present citizens of the following commonwealth countries require visas: Australia, Sri Lank, South Africa (for visits of more than 30 days), Malaysia (for visits of more than 30 days), Guyana, Nigeria, India, Antigua and Barbuda, Christopher and Nevis, New Zealand (for visits of more than 30 days), UK, Canada, Ireland. However, since requirements may change, it is advisable for the visitors to check the current visa requirements through airlines, tour operators or Kenya Tourist Offices, Kenya Embassy or High Commission in their countries before travelling to avoid embarrassment. 

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