EPC joins World Tradepoint Community
Manager, E-Trade Services posing for a photo with some of the top officials of WTPF after recieving the operational certificate in December 2009
We are glad to inform you that Export Promotion Council has joined the World Tradepoint community under the name Tradepoint Nairobi. As a tradepoint the Council will have an improved platform to give exporters better service by use of e-tools and the established global network of other trade facilitating institutions (Tradepoints) all over the world.

Tradepoint Nairobi is a member of a worldwide network of trade points in more than 120 countries. The World Trade Point Federation (WTPF) is an international non-governmental organization created in 2000 for specific purpose of taking over and running the Trade Point program initiated in 1992 by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) which continues to provide support and advice to the Federation through its representation on steering Committee. Through its network of 120 trade information and facilitation centres known as Trade Points, the WTPF assists small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in its member countries. In accordance with Strategic Business Plan adopted by General Assembly in 2001, the mission of WTPF is “ to become a global business facilitator and trade information provider for SMEs, particularly  those in developing and least developed countries, through its unique human network and local know-how combined with its global business marketplace”.

Nairobi Trade Point is one of the earliest 10 trade points to be established in Africa. It was mooted on 2008 as the first tradepoint in Kenya. Granted by UNCTAD and approved by Kenyan government, the tradepoint carries out its work under the umbrella of the Export Promotion Council EPC, the national focal point for promotion of export.

Our services
  • International exposure of the member-companies;
  • Posting of offers and demands in the ETO (Electronic Trading Opportunities) system;
  • Registration of SMEs in the GTDS system (Global Trade Directory System), a unique promotion tool for all the companies that are looking to increase their participation in the international trade;
  • Market research and studies;
  • Search of business partners;
  • Organization of trade-related  seminars and special events, trade missions, participations in trade fairs, organization of business cooperation events;
  • Information on investment projects programs of the countries participating in the program; 

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