Trade Information and Business Counselling
The Division offers the following trade information services:

  • Up-to-date, relevant and timely delivery of export trade information and market intelligence to the exporting business community;
  • Assessment of trade information needs;
  • Networking with information generating bodies and business support organisations both local and international to facilitate acquisition of information for exporters;
  • Dissemination of export trade information through publications e.g. routine bulletins and the media;
  • Advising and educating the business community on export trade issues including trade logistics,documentation and facilitation;
  • Assessment of exporters’ readiness to export to enable provision of focused assistance;
  • Assessment of information needs of producers and exporters of export goods and services;
  • Participation in the national efforts (with other stakeholders) of promoting and facilitating investment in trade information infrastructure and other trade information policy formulation efforts;
  • Participation in the national efforts of building and sustaining capacity and competency to manage trade information for national development.
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