Export Credit, Insurance &Trade Finance
These are services that are supposed to assist exporters to reduce the costs of production to be able to offer competitive products in the international market. These services are offered by African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI), the Pan African Export Credit Agency.

Kenya is a founder member of ATI. Other members states are Burundi, Eritrea, Malawi, Madagascar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Each member state is required to nominate an institution responsible for exports promotion in that country as a Liaison Office.

Export Promotion Council is Kenya’s liaison office and is responsible for coordinating and disseminating information on the Agency's activities to business community in Kenya. ATI’s main services include:

  • Underwriting cross border trade - sale of goods on credit terms,
  • Confirmation of Letters of Credit,
  • Underwriting for Finance Lease,
  • Guaranteeing working capital,
  • Guarantee foreign Firect Investment,
  • Underwriting for Political and Credit Risks,
  • Underwriting for losses due to terrorists activities-damages and business interruptions.
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